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Reopening May 1st

I’m happy to announce the clinic is reopening! There will be a requirement that all who are in the clinic wear a mask. I will have a few in case you don’t bring one, but please try to bring a mask. Also, if you are sick please avoid coming to the clinic. You can email or call me if you need herbs and are sick. At this point in time, the primary focus will be on preventing unnecessary spreading of this virus. We cannot live in fear, however being cautious and courteous to our other community members is the right thing to do. If you are not comfortable with being around other people at this time, I would recommend seeking out a private practice. It is difficult in a community setting to control all variables of a shared space. Thanks for being understanding to these guidelines. I look forward to moving a little closer to normal very soon. Don’t forget to get some sunshine every day. Until I see you, take care!
Peace and Love, Clint