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Late Summer

August is upon us already, and…Fall is just around the corner. A couple of dates to note upcoming for the clinic schedule: August 13th thru 15th will be closed. And, September 28th will be closed. The online calendar will show availability. Stay hydrated and eat watermelon for ‘summer heat’ symptoms!

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Summertime ‘19

It’s getting to be that time of year around here, hot and humid once again. Mostly all is normal with the schedule through these months, with a couple of Saturdays to make note of being closed.

Saturday, May 25th and June 22nd the clinic will be closed due to travel. Otherwise, the clinic is open and happy to help you however is needed. Happy Summer, everyone!

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Spring ‘19

The Spring is the beginning of the year, time to set new goals and plant seeds to grow through the year. The clinic hours will be a bit longer now, reflected in the online calendar. Dates to note are as follows: March 14th will close at 11:30 for NASA launch party, Saturday, March 23rd closed, and week of April 9th through 13th closed. Otherwise, check the scheduler for available appointments, and Happy Spring!

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New Year, new baby, shorter winter hours

Happy New Year! So my boy Daxton was born December 13th, a healthy baby boy. Shorter hours this winter, my latest appointment times are now noon and 6:00. The online scheduler will always have the available appointments visible.
Otherwise updates: Saturday, February 2nd and Saturday February 16th the clinic is closed. Happy winter (if we can call it that…)!

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So my wife delivered a healthy boy December 13th, 2018! All seems to be well and good. However, the clinic will be closed through the weekend for our family to nest. I will be back to normal next week for the last working week of the year (12/18-12-22), and then will close the 23rd through the 1st. Happy end of the year and beginning of a new life!

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Holidays 2018

The end of the year is sneaking up again…
We have a baby on the way! My wife is due mid December, so the schedule could change at a moments notice. I will keep the calendar here on the scheduler up to date. As far as the holidays go, here are the days closed:
Thanksgiving day and the Friday following closed (open Saturday the 24th).
Christmas/New Years will close December 23rd through January 1st (unless otherwise posted here). Happy end of the year!

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