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What can acupuncture help with?

Here is a general list of things we find acupuncture to be helpful with:

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, acute and chronic pain, strains & sprains, swelling & inflammation, digestive problems, TMJ, carpal tunnel, allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, menstrual problems, PMS, menopausal symptoms, Bell’s Palsy, fertility issues, stimulating labor, addictions & cravings, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

How many treatments will I need?

This can vary quite a bit from person to person, but more often than not, you will need a course of treatments for best results.

For example, for an acute problem you might get a few treatments scheduled closer together for a short time. Whereas for a chronic problem, you might get treatments weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly over a longer period.

The best part of the community acupuncture model, is that it’s affordable to get treated regularly, so you get to decide how much you want to be treated without breaking the bank.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Mostly not at all, but some sensation is expected. Acupuncture needles are tiny (like a hair) & way smaller than anything you might encounter in a Western medical office. People are usually pleasantly surprised at how minimal the sensation is from an acupuncture needle, and most people find acupuncture deeply relaxing.

Are the needles sterile?

Yes. We use sterile one-time use needles only, and then discard them.

How does acupuncture work?

This is a big question. The short answer is that Chinese Medicine is about restoring balance where there is imbalance in the body. There are thousands of years of study and theory on acupuncture, in addition to modern research, and yet there will never be one explanation to answer the question. It’s often best to just give it a try for a series of treatments and decide for yourself. The beauty is that everyone is different and there is always potential to get better!

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You treat in recliners. How do you treat back or neck pain?

We utilize key acupuncture points for the back and neck that are located on the extremities as well as the ear and scalp. It kind of depends on the nature of the injury or pain, but basically we will work with you to find the best way to address your problem and get the best results. There are a couple of massage tables if needed, but generally distal points can address the pain.

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How do you handle privacy in a group setting?

We will always conduct patient interviews in private or as privately as you need them to be. We want you to be comfortable discussing anything that is relevant to improving your health.

Can acupuncture help me lose weight?

Despite the number of people who come to acupuncture seeking help with their weight, there is no substantial evidence to support using acupuncture for weight loss. However, in that acupuncture tends to help the body function more optimally overall and can minimize cravings, it can help some – and we have seen some people lose some weight.

Can acupuncture help me quit smoking?

Yes, in that it can help minimize cravings and help take the edge off of withdrawal. Acupuncture will not make you quit doing anything. It is a useful tool, but it is only useful to the extent you use it. For smoking cessation frequent treatments are recommended.

How can I get more involved with the Clinic?

As a member of POCA it is possible for participants to volunteer time in exchange for free treatments.  Ask Clint if you are interested. Basically, you would join the co-op and then sign up for a 3-hour slot to volunteer, mainly working reception and helping check-in new patients. And you’d get acupuncture whenever you want!

Do you accept insurance?

No, we are unable to accept insurance due to our sliding scale fee.