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Precautionary closing

Update: Still closed…tentative plan to reopen is April 14th, but it may end up being all the way to May. Stay healthy and happy! If I’m need of herbs, please message me.
I’ve decided it’s better to go ahead and shut the doors for 2 weeks in order to be a responsible member of the community in stopping the spread of this virus. I plan to be available if anyone needs herbs or supplements, and I can be contacted by email at or by text (or voicemail) at 409-241-3199. In the meantime, I encourage all of us to use this time to rest and recover from the endless cycle of an economy that never rests (until it’s forced to). Strengthen your immune system and envision a healthy future for all once this current threat abates. Peace is always within us, just allow it to be here. And let Love be our goal. Take care everyone!