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Spring 2020

I hope everyone is holding up okay and taking care of yourselves. This has been a rough start to a year and decade. I just wanted to write a quick note to encourage self care and awareness during these trying times for our little planet of humans. The clinic will continue to be open normal hours unless otherwise posted here or on the website. If you are sick please don’t risk infecting others at the clinic. I do carry Chinese herbs that can be helpful with immunity, but I am not set up to handle infectious diseases so please go to the hospital if already sick. Hopefully, we will be getting back to normal not too far down the road. In the meantime, take care of yourself! Stay hydrated, get some sunlight when able, eat healthy, rest, and try to replace worries with positive visions of health and healing. Additionally, there is one date the clinic will be closed this spring: Saturday, May 23rd will be closed (Triathlon).
Love, Light and Health to all!

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Madri Gras

The clinic will be closed Saturday February 22nd and the evening hours of Fat Tuesday, the 25th. The online scheduler has the available appointments showing. Happy Mardi Gras Galveston!

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Winter ‘19/20

Another year almost in the books! My son made it past his 1st birthday, in case anyone was wondering! Just a couple of notes on the schedule to update:
Special opening Monday, December 23rd for the morning hours. See schedule online. Will be closed from December 24th through January 6th for vacation. Back to normal hours starting the 7th. Closed January 23rd-25th. Happy Winter Solstice and Holidays!

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Fall ‘19

Already almost getting out of the woods on this summertime stuff. The new sidewalks and street draining seems to be holding up with the excessive rains as well. Hopefully the tropical storm of September is our only big weather event for the year! All that being said, here’s the dates for the Fall season that the clinic will be closed:

Saturday, September 28th (triathlon). October 31st-Nov 2nd (motorcycle weekend) November 28th- (Thanksgiving). And, December 24th-January 4th (Christmas, etc)

Happy cooling off everyone!

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Late Summer

August is upon us already, and…Fall is just around the corner. A couple of dates to note upcoming for the clinic schedule: August 13th thru 15th will be closed. And, September 28th will be closed. The online calendar will show availability. Stay hydrated and eat watermelon for ‘summer heat’ symptoms!

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Summertime ‘19

It’s getting to be that time of year around here, hot and humid once again. Mostly all is normal with the schedule through these months, with a couple of Saturdays to make note of being closed.

Saturday, May 25th and June 22nd the clinic will be closed due to travel. Otherwise, the clinic is open and happy to help you however is needed. Happy Summer, everyone!

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