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Hooked On Acupuncture

Fall 2020 schedule

So this year is finally coming closer to its end, slowly. This pandemic has really shaken things up in our world, including reevaluating work schedules. This post is to update the rest of the year and my experiment with my work week. I’m dropping Friday and adding Saturday twice a month. I’d say every other Saturday, but holidays conflict some. The online scheduler is the best place to see, as well as to schedule. So for October, the 17th and 31st will be the Saturday’s 10am-1pm, otherwise Tuesday through Thursday. Happy Fall, election season, and holidays!

Closed for Beta

The clinic is closed Tuesday, September 22nd due to the water level being up and down with the storm. There are times it is flooding like a river on Market St, so I’ve decided to delay opening this week until Wednesday the 23rd. Thanks. Stay safe everyone!

Close call

Well, we were lucky here with Hurricane Laura just missing us. The clinic is back to normal to start out September. However, there will be a couple of days off upcoming. September 9th-10th and 15th-16th the clinic is closed. The online scheduler will show availability. Hoping we can make it to Fall all clear and cool. Stay safe!