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Hooked On Acupuncture

Winter 2024

Well, the new space at 1802 Market Street is pretty awesome, and the clinic is open! Working out the kinks, finishing up some work on the building, and preparing another business to be running alongside the acupuncture clinic. Healing House is the umbrella business and will house the yoga studio upstairs and a massage/etc room to be shared by other practitioners downstairs. Schedule your appointment on the website, and please be patient as we work through the process of the shakeup. The online scheduler will show any days I will be closed. And look out for a grand opening sometime this spring!

Location Update

The new building at 1802 Market St is coming along, however it’s not moving as fast as I had hoped. I’m having to move back the start date to January 9th. Apologies for the delay, it is just not possible yet. I will be reaching out to reschedule everyone as best as I can. It’s gonna be a beautiful place, looking forward to getting going with it!

October Surprise!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary! And…

Well, the day has come that my new landlords have decided to give me the boot, I assume to turn the clinic space into another air bnb (that’s what the rest of the building has become). Hoping to find a new location very quickly (by November 15th), I will update this post as things come together. Interesting way to be celebrating an anniversary, but hey things change, good things to come. If anyone has a good idea for a space that’s fairly similar to my setup here now I’m happy to hear about it. Thanks! Maybe the possibility of a move in party for the 10th anniversary celebration, fingers crossed!
Update: Working on a plan to get into our own building! Will keep updating here. Last day I will be open in current space will be Saturday, November 11th. Hopefully will only be closed through Thanksgiving weekend and will open up at the end of November.

Update: now under contract on the new building where Hooked on Acupuncture will hopefully have a new home in a few weeks! The clinic will be open through November 18th in its current location. If all goes well the new location will be running by the 28th. The online scheduler will change accordingly.