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Hooked On Acupuncture

Spring is upon us!

Not that winter was much of a nuisance, but Spring is almost here! It’s a great time of year to be setting goals for the new year, it’s time for planting seeds. Normal clinic hours through March. The clinic will be closed the week of April 3rd, please plan accordingly. I hope to see you!

Mardi Gras month!

Happy 2017 and Mardi Gras! The clinic will be open normal hours this month, although the Saturday parades could be a bit loud towards the end of the mornings on the 18th and 25th. Plan to arrive early to park on those days. I hope to see you, and have a nice month!


Well, that was one heck of a fast year! Hard to believe it’s already almost over. The clinic has enjoyed its 3rd year and is still rolling along, always happy to grow and expand as the community supports my efforts.

The holiday season this year has special significance as I will be getting married before returning in the new year! The clinic will be open normal hours through Friday the 23rd and will reopen Tuesday January 10th. I hope to see you before the year’s over! The ear acupuncture happy hour is no longer happening, I will revisit the idea next year.

Thank you to all my supporters over these 3 years, I’m happy to serve!