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Hooked On Acupuncture


Thankful for those summer rains, but summer is definitely still here and heating things up!

The 4th of July the clinic will only be open the evening hours, book your appointment online! Also, Thursday the 6th the clinic will be open the morning hours only. Otherwise normal hours the rest of the month. Happy 4th, I hope to see you!

Summer at the Beach

Summertime is the 5 Element season of Fire, which relates to the Heart. This is the season for happy hearts, as happiness is the emotion related to Fire. An imbalance can lead to anxiety during the summer season. Acupuncture and herbs can help remedy these and many other issues of imbalance. Schedule your next appointment and let yourself find balance this summer. Enjoy the expanded beaches, see you soon!

Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is coming on fast!

The clinic will be closed this Saturday for the Memorial Day holiday, returning to regular hours on Tuesday. Have a safe and enjoyable 3 day weekend!