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Hooked On Acupuncture

March to Spring

Happy and welcome Spring to the island! Had a busy couple of winter months at the clinic, hoping to keep it up through the year. Almost 5 years here now!!! All is normal this month for scheduling. Schedule your next appointment right here on the website, and thanks!

February and Mardi Gras on the Island

It’s looking like a rainy Mardi Gras this year…my garden isn’t complaining.
The clinic is open as usual this month, although Saturday the 10th and Fat Tuesday evening hours will be possibly affected by the parades, so plan accordingly when scheduling those days.
See you when I see you!

New Year,Hello 2018

This is a sneaky month, it’s almost February already! Everything is normal with hours at the clinic this month. Potentially a week in February will be closed, but it will be updated at the beginning of the month. Happy new year! The Chinese New Year is the year of the dog.